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Blood Alcohol Test

Many people can have a couple of drinks and still feel perfectly sober but in fact, their reflexes may be impaired. It’s a good idea to check blood alcohol levels before taking the wheel. Driving while impaired means more than a fine or suspended license –

it can be deadly.

The effects of alcohol are not limited to car accidents. Here are a few sobering facts:

• Almost 50% of all violent crimes involve alcohol.

• Suicides are the second largest cause of alcohol-related deaths.

• In 1999, of the fatally injured snowmobile drivers who had been drinking, 75% had blood alcohol levels over 0.08%.

• In 1998, about 40% of boating fatalities involved alcohol.

• In 1999, 41% of fatally injured pedestrians had been drinking. 85% of those had blood alcohol levels over 0.08%.

Data from the web site of MADD.

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